Sports Science Academy

The Sports Science Academy invites students to a world of leadership and career-search opportunities. The program is open to students who wish to pursue an interdisciplinary core curriculum and investigate careers in sports, health, and fitness fields, including sports medicine.
Magnet concentrations include: Sports Education, Sports Business, Sports Communication, and Sports Management. Student internships are available.


Admission criteria and ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES available here.


Available at:

Kenwood High School
501 Stemmers Run Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21221

Applications accepted for Grade 9 and Grade 10.

Transportation to the Sports Science Academy is provided for students from all areas of the Baltimore County Public Schools. 

Western School of Technology and Environmental Science
100 Kenwood Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21228

 Applications accepted for Grade 9.  

Transportation is provided for students zoned to attend high schools in the Northwest or Southwest areas.