Mechanical Construction/Plumbing Careers

This program prepares students in residential and commercial construction to install and maintain water supply systems, waste removal systems, and various fixtures and gas appliances that provide for personal comfort in the home or commercial business setting. Students learn and freely use the tools of the trade along with blueprint reading, residential plumbing, joining cast-iron pipe, making flare and compression joints, commercial plumbing drain and waste piping, venting, and faucet/fixture repair installation. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible for advanced placement in first year apprenticeship in the Associated Builders and Contractors' (ABC) Apprentice Program. They may also be eligible for advanced placement and/or testing opportunities through other union or non-union apprenticeship programs and National Craft Assessment and Certification (NCCER). Upon graduation, students can enter employment, complete journey person apprenticeship, and/or earn a degree at a two or four year college.

* Articulated college credit may be earned from the Community College of Baltimore

‡ Students may earn a minimum of four MSDE Career & Technology (CTE) credits
for graduation.


Admission criteria and ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES available here.


Available at:

Western School of Technology and Environmental Science
100 Kenwood Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21228

Applications accepted for Grades 9 - 10

Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northwest or Southwest areas.