Environmental Technology

- emphasizes hands-on experiences and fieldwork where students act as environmental professionals, completing projects and solving problems in environmental design, planning, monitoring, and conservation. Environmental Technology is a career field that applies the principals of math, science, technology, engineering, communications, economics, and law to ensure sustainability, as well as human health and safety. Students work with mentors to participate in and create a variety of projects such as constructing and monitoring an aquaculture system, wetland restoration, and landscaping. Students acquire a variety of computer skills used by environmental engineers, planners, and resource managers, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Environmental Technology offers both career oriented and articulated course work for two and four year colleges in environmental sciences and technology. 

* Articulated college credit may be earned from the Community College of Baltimore

‡ Students may earn a minimum of four MSDE Career & Technology (CTE) credits
for graduation.


Download admission criteria and Environmental Technology Assessment Guidelines .

Available at:

Western School of Technology and Environmental Science
100 Kenwood Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21228

Applications are accepted for Grade 9.

Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northwest or Southwest areas.