Environmental Science/ Environmental Studies

The Environmental Science programs offer opportunities for science-oriented and environmentally-motivated students to participate in authentic situations as real environmental scientists. Students experience field study, discuss and take action on environmental issues, learn about the environment from the perspectives of history, law, and public policy, and strive to understand the balance between environment, politics, economics, and culture. Students may pursue Gifted & Talented, Advanced Placement, and college articulated coursework. Research and internship opportunities may also be available.


Download admission criteria and Assessment Guidelines:

 Sparrows Point Environmental Studies ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES

 Western Environmental Science ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES


Available at:

Sparrows Point Education Center in Environmental Studies (SPECIES)
7400 North Point Road
Baltimore MD 21219

Applications are accepted for Grades 9 and 10.

Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northeast and Southeast areas. 


Western School of Technology and Environmental Science
100 Kenwood Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21228

Applications are accepted for Grade 9.

Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northwest or Southwest areas.