Academy of Health and Human Services

This academy offers specialized pathways in:

Child Care Services ‡ - prepares students to work in fields related to the education and care of young children in early childhood settings, such as day care centers, pre-school programs, and kindergarten. Developmental stages of children, learning theories, and methods and materials of teaching young children are included in this program. Application of skills continues through working in a child development laboratory situation. The 90-hour child care certificate issued by the State of Maryland may be earned through successful completion of this program.

Nutrition and Food Science ‡ -prepares students for careers and postsecondary study in the areas of dietetics, food science and nutrition, and food service in commercial and/or institutional settings.  Students explore careers related to the preparation and service of food and the planning of healthy diets.  Scientific principles are applied to the study of food selection, production, preparation, and processing.  Computer technology and applications are a vital component of this program.

Army JROTC - motivates young people to be better citizens.  The program is not an army recruitment program.  Students share in the vision of quality citizenship, character, and leadership as they progress through the curriculum and develop partnerships with the community and educational institutions.

Carpentry Careers or Electrical Careers

 - provides instruction and experiences related to residential and commercial applications.  Students may participate in job shadowing, internships, and school-to-work programs.  Students successfully completing the program are eligible for placement in the Associated Builders and Contractors' (ABC) Apprentice Program.

‡ Students may earn a minimum of four MSDE Career & Technology (CTE) credits for graduation.


Download admission criteria and Academy of Health and Human Services ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES .


Available at:

Lansdowne High School Academy
3800 Hollins Ferry Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21227


Applications are accepted for Grades 9 and 10.

Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northwest or Southwest areas.