Academy of Arts and Communication

This academy offers specialized pathways in:

Visual Arts - allows students to develop skills in studio art, photography, 3-D design, and multimedia.  Students may choose to concentrate on one or more of these art forms through advanced level courses and independent studies. Studio art includes the study of art history, drawing, painting and printmaking. Photography includes darkroom and digital approaches, as well as the history and professional applications of photography.  3-D design includes ceramic sculpture and exploration of alternative mediums through independent studies. 

Mass Communications - provides students with opportunities to acquire and develop skills in TV broadcasting, multimedia, and/or journalism.  Students may elect to take courses to gain proficiency in graphic design, digital rendering, animation, Web design, and desktop publishing; work in an on-site TV studio set; and apply classroom experience in practical applications in journalism and photo journalism.

 Theatre Arts - allows students to work in a variety of performance settings, showcase their talents, and work behind the scenes with sound, lighting, construction, set and costume design and construction, and theatre management.

Vocal Music - provides students with a strong choral and ensemble focus, as well as solo performances in opera and musical theatre.  Students study vocal fundamentals and technique, sight reading, opera/musical theatre, acting, movement, history, and criticism and may also work with music technology, recording, and engineering.

Instrumental Music - allows students to develop individual talents and skills in ensemble performance, sight-reading, and music theory.  Students are prepared for conducting and solo performances in advanced settings and are exposed to composing and recording technology.  

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Academy of Arts & Communications ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES


Dance - addresses aesthetic education, dance composition, dance history, repertory, choreography, creative expression, production, performance, criticism, and connections between dance and healthy living.  Ballet, jazz, modern, and student choreography are emphasized.

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Available at:

Lansdowne High School
3800 Hollins Ferry Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21227



Applications are accepted for Grades 9 and 10.

Students zoned to attend Lansdowne High School do not apply.


Transportation is provided for students who are zoned for the Northwest or Southwest areas.