Conservation Sciences

Students study the interrelationships between organisms and their environments, focusing on exploration of aquatic, environmental, and earth/space sciences. Students have the opportunity to take high school exams in all three areas for high school credit. This program provides a broad foundation for students who wish to continue in a high school science magnet program. Students have the opportunity to earn high school elective credit in Aquatic Science by successfully passing the course. This credit does not count towards graduation requirements for science.

Available at: 

Loch Raven Technical Academy
8101 LaSalle Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21286


Applications accepted for Grade 6 ONLY.


Transportation is provided for students who are zoned to attend:
Cockeysville, Dumbarton, Hereford, Loch Raven, Perry Hall, Pine Grove, or Ridgely Middle School.

 Admission is by random lottery ONLY.